Jack Baritone 30 key English Concertina


Jack Baritone 30 key English Concertina

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Jack Baritone 30 Key English Concertina.

The Jack Baritone Concertina has 30 keys, ranging from the second G below middle C to the first C below middle C.Fully chromatic.The concertina comes complete with a good quality gig bag to keep the instrument safe and dry and a superbly written tutor book,designed purely for this instrument.The English concertina is fully chromatic and each button plays the same note on both push and pull of the bellows. The scale comes by alternating notes from each end of the instrument, which makes it easy to play fast runs. This system tends to suit players who read music as the buttons line up exactly with written music with the stave lines on the left hand and spaces on the right.For each button, the same note plays on the push and pull of the bellows. It is fully chromatic. On a 48-key Treble instrument, the range is similar to a Violin from G to C three and a half octaves above. The Tenor extends the range down to C, but loses the upper range, the Tenor treble covers the whole range from C to C, and the Baritone has a range one octave below the Treble.

The scale is played by alternating between the ends, which makes it easy to play fast runs. Block chords are easy to build up, and the English Concertina is excellent for song accompaniment
Customer Comment-
Hi Steve,

The Jack concertina has arrived safely and I’ve already enjoyed working through the first part of the book. Thank you for your prompt service.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 cm

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