Cowboy Concertina: 75 Songs of the Old American West



Cowboy Concertina: 75 Songs of the Old American West by Gary Coover and Pipp Gillette
A fantastic collection of Old American songs from the wild west.So get the campfire burning and indulge yourself with this new book,from this fine arranger.
Enjoy and relive the romance of the Great American West with this collection of 75 old time western and cowboy songs arranged especially for the Anglo concertina. Included are full lyrics, music, and special Anglo concertina tablature. You will find many of your favorite old cowboy songs here, from “Ain’t No More Cane on the Brazos” all they way to “The Zebra Dun”. Gary Coover has played the Anglo concertina for many years and authored several popular tutors and tune books for the concertina. Pipp Gillette is an award-winning singer, cowboy poet, chuckwagon aficionado and working cowboy who performed with the Gillette Brothers for many years and set many of Waddie Mitchell’s cowboy poems to music. INCLUDES VIDEO INSTRUCTION! All 75 songs are linked via smartphone-scannable QR codes to online videos. You can see and hear exactly how to play every song.


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