Bushes and Briars-Folk Songs Collected by R.Vaughan Williams


Bushes and Briars-Roy Palmer-Folk songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams


Bushes and Briars-Folk Songs Collected by R.Vaughan Williams

Bushes and briars-Folk Songs Collected by R.Vaughan Williams was first published by Dent in 1983 under the title Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams,second edition with corrections is the first paperback reprint. Here are some reviewers’ comments on the first edition:
a consummate study THE MUSIC REVIEW
Palmer’s notes are detailed and helpful; the book as a whole is a delight TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT
a valuable addition to folksong bibliography … Each tune is preceded by a most illuminating and deeply-researched account of the song’s and the text’s origins, mentioning other versions, and, of course, printing the words. There is a full list of sources and notes, scholarly and accurate and also highly readable for all sorts of diverting asides MICHAEL KENNEDY in FOLK MUSIC JOURNAL
a splendid book, well annotated MUSIC AND MUSICIANS
rich and inspiring … filled with songs that are meant to be handled and sung … superb and most welcome MARTIN CARTHY in ENGLISH DANCE AND SONG
an excellent companion to the recently revised catalogue of this composer’s works THE COMPOSER.

Bushes and Briars : Roy Palmer

I Had One Man
Bonnie Susie CielandCAMBRIDGESHIRE
May Song
Lord Ellenwater
The Keeper
The Lousy Tailor
The Nine Joys of MaryCUMBERLAND
Blackwell Merry Night
Geordie Gill
King Roger

Down in Yon Forest

The Green Bed
Franklin’s Crew
Brennan on the Moor

Bushes and Briars
The Golden Glove
The Cambric Shirt
New Garden Fields
The Old Garden Gate
Robin Hood and the Pedlar
The Fisherman
Keepers and Poachers
The Merry Green Broom Fields
Fountains flowing
The Jolly Harrin

The Buffalo
Elwina of Waterloo
Long Lankin; or, Young Lambkin
The Constant Lovers
The Banks of Green Willow
Robin Hood and the Three Squires
Fare ye well, Lovely Nancy
Jockey andJjenny
God Bless the Master
Pretty Nancy
Nelson’s Monument
The Lowlands of Holland
The Drowned Sailor

Riding down to Portsmouth
On Christmas Day
Dives and Lazarus
The Carnal and the Crane
The Bitter Withy
The Rocks of Scilly
A Brisk Young Sailor
The Myrtle Tree
The Blacksmith
The Drowsy Sleeper
O Who is That?
Wassail SongKENT
Orange and BlueNORFOLK
The Captain’s Apprentice
Ward the Pirate
Spurn Point
John Reilly
Young Henry the Poacher
Edward Jorgen
Just as the Tide was Flowing
The Cumberland’s Crew
The Loss of the Ramillies
John Raeburn 99
A Dream of Napoleon
The Tarry Sailor
Homeward Bound
Lovely on the Water
The Holly Twig
Bold Carter
Trot Away
Liverpool Play
The Man of Birmingham Town
Horse Race Song
Bonny Robin
Willy Foster


Eggleston Hall
Wild and Wicked Youth
The Royal George
Jack Tar

Lovely Joan
The Dew is on the Grass
The Basket of Eggs
Broad-striped Trousers
The Red Running Rue
The Barley StrawSURREY
The Lads of Kilkenny
The Ranter Parson
High Germany
The Sailor Boy
Horn Fair
The Grenadier and the Lady
The Ploughboy’s Dream
Hunting SongSUSSEX
The Lawyer
All Things are quite Silent
The Carter
Early, Early in the Spring
Hurricane Wind
The Turtle Dov
The Pretty Ploughboy
The Witty Lass of London
The Young Servant Man
Cloddy Banks
Cupid the Ploughboy
The Lark in the Morning
The Banks of the Nile
The Gallant Rainbow
The Rambling Sailor
Duke William
Creeping Jane
Through Moorfields
The Convict’s Lamentation
The Cheshire GateWILTSHIRE
An Acre of Land
Through the Groves

Young William
I Married a Wife
The Milkmaids
I Courted an Old Man
Sources and Notes
Index of Singers
Index of Titles and First Lines


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