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The Jackie English Concertina-A beautifully made treble 30 key English concertina, designed and made by Concertina Connections. The Jackie English Concertina has been developed for beginners and intermediate players but is capable of meeting the demands of more experienced players. and has had great reviews where ever it is seen or played.This is by far our largest selling English concertina.
The concertina comes with a traditional English concertina layout,, spacing, key sizes,6 bellow folds and traditional thumb strap.
The instrument comes complete with padded gig bag and a 47 page instrument tutor written  especially for this instrument. This easy to understand tutor comes with instructions on basics of playing the English concertina and notes on music notation and music theory. FREE DELIVERY within mainland UK.

English System
For each button, the same note plays on the push and pull of the bellows. It is fully chromatic. On a 48-key Treble instrument, the range is similar to a Violin from G to C three and a half octaves above.
The scale is played by alternating between the ends, which makes it easy to play fast runs. Block chords are easy to build up, and the English Concertina is excellent for song accompaniment.

The Tenor extends the range down to C, but loses the upper range, the Tenor treble covers the whole range from C to C, and the Baritone has a range one octave below the Treble. Well known players of this system include Alf Edwards, Alistair Anderson, John Townsend, & Damien Barber.
Here at Red Cow Music,we have our own repair workshop,so if you have any problems with your concertina or melodeon just give us a call on 07812064322. Thank you Steve and Miles Morrison

When a Key is Pressed

No Sound
How to Correct This Fault
A) If there is good pressure
1/Stuck reed.
Or 2/ stuck valve.
Continuous Notes With No Keys Pressed
How to Correct This Fault
1/Pad(s) missing.
2/Broken springs look for keys lower than usual.
3/Lever catching on end plate.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 cm

1 review for Jackie-English-Concertina

  1. Simon B

    I bought this concertina on the recommendation of Concertina. Net and did a lot of research into the matter.
    Firstly the service I got from Red Cow Music was not short of first class, nothing was a problem and the instrument arrived quickly and in playing order.
    I am getting on famously with the concertina, it plays well and sounds warm and joyful.
    The book is easy to follow.
    Many thanks Steve for your kind advice and encouragement in getting me playing. Simon B

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