Red Cow Music specialise in providing Great Melodeons and Button Accordions,so if you require any advice in selecting from our melodeons range please do get in touch.
We have a brilliant selection of melodeons in stock to buy at our showroom or online. we have new and used instruments by many makers such as Hohner, Castagnari,Sherwood,Scarlatti,Stephanelli,Saltarelle and many more.
So please call if you need any more information.Red Cow Music is a dedicated folk music business based in the UK, and is in the wonderful historic city of York and is well worth a visit.
We are looking to buy any D/G Melodeons, so if you have one you wish to sell please give Steve a call on 07812064322 or email as we constantly have people looking to start playing or looking for an up grade.

Melodeon information:-

The Melodeon is very easy to learn, and tends to suit people who play by ear, as it is difficult to read music on a push-pull instrument.
The fingering is very similar to the harmonica and anglo concertina on the right hand – with a different note on the push & pull of the bellows.
There are bass notes and chords on the left hand.

The melodeon is ideal for all forms of musical styles,but is hugely popular in traditional English music using the D/G Melodeon and B/C melodeon for Scottish,Irish and Welsh Music and of course Traditional English Morris.

We would always recommend you to start on a two row, D/G for English, or B/C for Irish music, but the single row is great fun to play.
If you wish to try any of our melodeons you can,at our sales studio. Just give us a call and we can arrange it so you can try a melodeon in a peaceful and noise free space. ring to see us on 07812064322

Hi Steve,

Just to say thank you for my Hohner box…I love it!….such a great sound,even with my completely novice attempts at playing…such a different experience after struggling with my East German model.
Will take your advice though and hang on to it,and probably try to get it fixed at some point.

Thanks again,best regards,


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