Nick Barber's English Selection


Nick Barber’s English Selection

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Nick Barber’s English Selection-By Nick Barber.

This book was compiled for musicians who, though competent on their instrument, would like some help getting involved in the English folk session scene. It follows on from a previous Mally publication, Nick Barber’s English Choice.

A music session is like a conversation, and in order to take part you need certain basic tools. If you’re going to join in with the tunes you hear being played, you need to know which tunes to expect. And if you plan to learn these tunes, you will probably find a printed version of the tune useful. If you plan to start a set of tunes during a session, you need to know which tunes other musicians would be likely to know and join in with. This book aims to present a selection of tunes for this purpose.

Because there is an element of fashion in the repertoire of any session, I have tried to select tunes which have been around for years, and which no doubt will still be played for years to come. Wherever possible I have noted the sources of the tunes. If you like a particular tune, I would urge you to pursue it a little and go to the source, whether this is a manuscript, a published book, a recording or a real live musician. In the words of Barry Callaghan, “Tunes…have a life story, and have participated in the life stories of the countless musicians who have played them…they all come trailing their history.” He goes on to encourage us to “look for the life stories as we meet further tunes”.

You will notice that I have included a few tunes of French and Danish origin – these tunes have been taken on board by English session players, and are played in an English style.

Nick Barber’s English Selection : Nick Barber

The Cream Pot
Bang Upp
Sally Sloane’s Jig
The Feathers
Lord Zouch’s Maske
Angela Mary Lee
Chelsea Reach
Chelmsford Assembly
The Honeymoon
Oldham Rant
Spanish Patriots
Duke of York’s Hornpipe
Cuckolds All a Row
Lady’s Plaything
Red Lion
Tumblers Hornpipe
Lilly Lips
London Hornpipe
Stony Steps
Fête du Village
Mittell’s Hornpipe
The Quarryman
Lemonville Jig
Uncle Jim’s
Prince Albert’s Jig
Soldiers’ Joy (Suffolk)
Three Jolly Sheepskins
Butcher’s Hornpipe
Sadlers Wells
Coleford Jig
Albert Farmer’s Bonfire Tune
Watson’s Hornpipe
Grand Chain
Hill’s Fancy
Double Figure Eight
Will’s Way
Sweeps Hornpipe
Tom Tolley’s Hornpipe
Little Burnt Potato
Basquet of Oysters
The Valiant
Poolside Polka
Dennington Bell
Bath Hornpipe
Cook Hornpipe
Cuckoo’s Nest
Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe
Miss Menager’s Hornpipe
Holywell Hornpipe
Officer’s Polka
Mr Rew’s Polka
Clee Hill
Roman Wall
East Bolden
Ann Frazer McKenzie
Duke of York’s Quickstep
Boys of School Hill
Mount Hills
Maiden Lane
Bus Stop
Rosalie Prairie Flower
Kirkgate Hornpipe
March in Bluebeard
Shropshire Lass
LNB Polka
Radstock Jig
Leeds Polka
Grand Hornpipe
Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing
The Flight
The Ball
Bellingham Boat
Draper’s Maggot
Bloomsbury Market
Robertson’s Hornpipe
The Plane Tree
Said Too Much Already
Cumberland Waltz
L’Inconnue de Limoise
The Leaving of Lismore
Jour d’Été
Hole in the Wall
French Waltz
In the Toyshop
Mick’s Tune
South Downs
Never Again
Les Filles de mon Pays


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