Scarlatti Nero D/G Melodeon


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Scarlatti Nero D/G Melodeon

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Scarlatti Nero D/G Melodeon

The Scarlatti Nero D/G Melodeon comes with Czech Duvall reeds,2 voice, black finish, fast quiet keyboard, Italian styling. a lovely melodeon.21 treble buttons, 8 bass buttons. 2 voice, bass coupler, black finish. Includes hard case. Free UK Mainland Delivery

More about this Product:

Product Features

  • Fast quiet keyboard, Italian styling
  • With bass coupler to remove the thirds
  • 21 treble buttons and 8 bass buttons

Product Specifications

  • Great intermediate melodeon with good size buttons. Czech durall reeds

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 60 cm


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