More Maggie's Melodeon Tutor Book

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More Maggie’s Melodeon Tutor Book

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More Maggie’s Melodeon Tutor Book.

The second volume of Maggie’s Melodeon the highly successful tutor book. This one is aimed at “improvers” and covers such thorny topics as Crossing Rows, Playing in Keys other than D or G, Ornamentation, Emphasis, Lift, Chords, Counter Melodies and Harmonies.
As in the first book the exercises and tunes are all fully notated for both the Treble and Bass of the Melodeon and the chapters are written in plain English, are explicit and easily understood. This book comes complete with a 68 track tutor CD with covering the exercises and with the tunes played slowly and to speed.

1 review for More Maggie's Melodeon Tutor Book

  1. Sue Beckett (Melodeon Teacher)

    A great helpful book written very well by a good player and teacher.

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