Contemplating the Concertina

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Contemplating the Concertina

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Contemplating the Concertina

Contemplating the Concertina by Allan Atlas.

Intended specifically for intermediate and advanced players. It is written with an eye toward both the history of the instrument and how it has been played since Victorian times. Examples and exercises include music (both classical and folk) from the seventeenth century to the present day. Chapters discuss holding the instrument (with illustrations), manipulating the bellows, single-note technique, and playing chords and contrapuntal textures. 82 pages.

Now available in the UK.

2 reviews for Contemplating the Concertina

  1. Chris Marriott

    If you’re an intermediate or better English concertina player with a good grasp of music theory who wants to move beyond “session tunes” into more complex music and playing techniques, this is definitely the book for you. Be warned: on the very first page of tuition Mr Atlas will have you playing a scale of C# Major in six sharps, as an exercise to familiarise yourself with the enharmonic accidental buttons which the odds are you’ll never have touched before.

    If you’re prepared to put the work in, this book will teach you a LOT, but you will have to put in a lot to achieve that.

    The only book on the market today which teaches advanced playing techniques. Highly recommended!

  2. Danny

    I got my copy (from RCM) a few days ago and can thoroughly recommend it. It provides an really well organised, well presented, thoughtful insight into so many issues around playing, and is relevant for anyone at any level who has ambitions to improve their playing.

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