The Concertina Maintenance Manual


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The Concertina Maintenance Manual-A practical guide to concertina maintenance for the English,Anglo and Duet concertina.

The second edition of the unique ‘Concertina Maintenance Manual’ by Dave Elliott contains comprehensive and step by step instructions for the service and repair of Anglo, English and Duet concertinas of traditional construction. The manual has new and expanded sections illustrated by not only clear line diagrams but also photographs. An essential companion for any concertina musician.

This second edition of The Concertina Maintenance Manual is both simply written and clearly illustrated by a person who is both an experienced technical engineer as well as a concertina tinker. The topics covered range from fault-finding charts, basic examination and purchase advice through the common service and repair jobs and techniques to some of the more sensitive reed work. The manual has been considerably expanded from the first edition in both the breadth of topics covered as well as the depth of the coverage in each case. While always intended to meet the needs of players of all of the concertina systems, this edition goes out of its way to be as versatile as possible without sacrificing detail and usefulness. Whether intending to carry out running repairs, to service, to restore or just to know more about the innards of that strange and fascinating instrument, this Mally Publication will be an essential addition to the concertina players toolkit.


Basic Care and Maintenance
Anatomy and Examination
Anatomy of a Concertina
Routine Examination
Examination for Purchase
Running Repairs and Fault Finding
Basic Service and Repair Tasks
Replacing Valves
Replacing Pads and Setting Key Height/Travel
Bellows Repairs
Replacing Lever Arm Springs

Replacing Bushes: Action Plate Key Hole and Key Cross-Hole Bushes
Action Plate Key Hole Bushes
Key Cross-Hole Bushes
Structural Repairs
Fretwork and Action Box Cover/Keyboard Cracks
Wood Finishing
Reed Pan Support Blocks
Action Box Joints
Pad Board Cracks
Wood Screw Anchorages
End Bolt Problems

Broken Keys
Reed Work
Basic Care Tasks
Reed Tuning
Covering a Finger Slide (English System)
Making a Thumb Strap (English System)
Wrist Straps
Fingering Charts
Mine’s Not Like That
Early Exploded Diagram
Help and Materials

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