Mellstock Carols Vol 2-Dave Townsend


Mellstock Carols Vol 2-Dave Townsend

A beautiful collection of carols arranged by Dave Townsend


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Mellstock Carols Vol 2-Dave Townsend

A beautiful collection of carols arranged by Dave Townsend

This volume adds a further twenty-one carols to those already published in The Mellstock Carols. All are from Dorset sources, and many are found in the manuscript carol-books compiled by the family of the poet and novelist Thomas Hardy. Like many similar groups of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, they played and sang in the gallery of their village church and went round the parish on Christmas night to sing carols. They are portrayed by Thomas Hardy in Under the Greenwood Tree, where he gives the fictional name ‘Mellstock’ to his own village of Higher Bockhampton.

This collection brings together pieces from Hardy’s parish and other Dorset villages including Puddletown, Winterborne, Monkton and Hinton St. Mary. The carols range from brisk to stately and simple to elaborate. Some have instrumental sections or symphonies, and some have changes of time-signature and duets, like miniature anthems. Texts vary from the familiar, with two settings of While Shepherds Watched, to the glorious and strange. There are pieces by renowned Dorset west gallery composers and a setting of The Mellstock Quire’s Remember Adam’s Fall. Many of these carols have been pieced together from several incomplete sources, and most appear in print here for the first time for over a hundred years.

These carols can be performed effectively by almost any group of singers and musicians, and many of them can be sung unaccompanied. Early accounts indicate that they were often adapted to whatever forces were available, whether mixed or all-male groups, with the vocal parts re-assigned accordingly. The tune is printed here as the third line down, as was usual in these collections, but may be sung by high or low voices, or a mixture. Instruments regularly used at the time include violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and serpent. Free reed instruments, such as accordions and concertinas, and brass are also mentioned.

These are carols to be sung, played and enjoyed by everyone, wherever convivial and warm-hearted music is appreciated.

The Mellstock Carols Volume 2 : Dave Townsend

Arise Rejoice and Now Behold
As Harmless Shepherds
As Shepherds Watched their Fleecy Care
Awake Arise Rejoice and Sing
Awake Ye Drowsy Mortals All 2
Awake Your Glad Carols
Away Dark Thoughts
Blest Are the Sons of Peace
Christians Awake
Come Ye Redeemed
Hark Hark How Sweet
Hark Hark What News
Hark Shepherds How the Air Doth Ring
Hark Shepherds How the Angels Sing
Lift Up Your Heads 1
Lift Up Your Heads 2
Now to the World
Remember Adam’s Fall
The Shepherds Amazed
The Song of the Angels at the Nativity
Thomas Legg’s Carol

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