The Irish Concertina Book


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The Irish Concertina Book. By Mike Bramich.

Many people buy or acquire an Anglo concertina and find that it is less intuitive to play than it first appears. What is needed, instead, is a systematic approach and, at last, here it is. You don’t have to play specifically Irish music to utilise this style; the system employed is one of the most efficient ways of exploiting the peculiar nuances of the this instrument and can be applied to any genre. Keys are tackled in order of difficulty and all types of tune – including slow airs – are tackled. A decent selection of tunes is included.
The book contains 17 photographs and numerous illustrations and diagrams; 14 reels, 20 jigs, 10 hornpipes and 12 miscellaneous tunes, (56 in total, many with chords), rudiments of music, list of dealers, extensive bibliography and discography and a chord chart. The optional tape contains extracts from each chapter on side A and a selection of the tunes from the book on side B.
As an active song club organiser for many years before moving to Devon in 1983, Mick Bramich’s connections with traditional music go back to the heyday of its revival in the mid-sixties. He comes from the Birmingham area where he trained as a tool maker and later as a teacher.
He is known as a singer and guitar player to many older hands on the folk club circuit but has been an enthusiast of the Anglo concertina since about 1979. His style of playing developed independently and it was by accident that he discovered he was playing in what is loosely termed the ‘Irish’ way. This tutor combines his teaching skills with an inherent love for the material being taught.

Irish Concertina Book : Mick Bramich

Index of tunes
Choosing the right instrument
Blank 30 button layouts
About the Anglo concertina
The key of G major
Some tips on air control
Another way of playing G major
The key of D major Scales
The key of A minor
The key of E minor
The key of D minor
The key of F major
The key of B minor
The key of A major
The key of G minor Decoration of melodic lines
The slow air
Conclusion and acknowledgments
Appendix one (a selection of tunes)
Appendix two (other tunings)
Appendix three (chordpatterns)
Appendix four (rudiments of music)
Appendix five (dealers and suppliers)
Appendix six (bibliography).
Appendix seven (discography)
Apples in winter
Boys of Bluehill
Carman’s jig
Carolan’s welcome
Christmas Eve
Cliffs of Moher
Cock o’ the north
Cúil Aodha jig
The home ruler
Dear Irish boy
Drowsy Maggie
Dullagen reel
First House in Connaught
Flowing tide
Garrett Barry’s jig
Glen of Aherlow Hag with the money
Her mantle so green
Hullichan jig
Humours of Ballycastle
Humours of Westport
I ne’er shall wean her
Wish my love was a mire
Kesh jig
Kinnegad slashers
Lannigan’s ball
Martin Wynne’s no. 2
Mist on the meadow
Morning star
Off to California
Britches full of stitches
O, love, lie beside me
Out on the ocean
Paddy Fahey’s no. 1 An Páistín fionn
Peggy Levin
Pipe on the hob no. 1
Plains of Boyle
Pleasures of home
Princess royal
Rakes of Kildare
Rights of man
Rolling wave
Sailing into Walpole’s Marsh
Shandon bells
Shannon’s flowery banks
Six mile bridge
The Steeplechase
Sullivan O’Moore’s march
Tomgraney castle
Top of the Maol
Wheels of the world


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