The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection


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The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection

The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection has proved very popular and is now in its second edition and complements the other tunebooks in the Cape Breton Heritage series.

In addition to old favourites from both the aural and written traditions, the book also includes tunes from the repertoires of members and friends of The Cape Breton Fiddlers Association.

There are 267 Tunes.

A List of the Tunes from The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection

91st (93rd?) at Modder River, The
Alex MacDonnell’s Favourite
Alex MacDougall’s Hornpipe
Allan Cameron’s
Allan Gillis’ Jig
Allie Bennett’s
Allison’s Reel
Allister’s Mischief
Always Welcome
Angie and Johnny
Annie Mae MacEachern’s
Annie May’s Birthday
Archie Neil Emcee
Aristotle’s Confession
Arthur Muise’s Visit to Point Cross
Artist’s Touch, The
Bay Road Valley
Bessie’s Reel
Betty Muise’s Retirement March
Bill Butler March, The
Bill Crawford’s Jig
Billy MacLeod’s Testimonial
Boisdale Trio, The
Braes of Dunvegan, The
Brucie and the Troopers
Buddy Fraser’s Reel
Cabinet Meeting, The
Campbells’ March
Carter MacKenzie
Casa Loma Castle
Colin Grant
Colin Rankin’s Strathspey
Compliments to Annabelle
Compliments to Bonnie Lass
Compliments to Doug MacPhee
Constitution Breakdown
Cork Screw Hazel, The
Creignish Hills, The
Dad’s Reel
Dallas’ Jig
Dan Hughie MacEachern’s March
Dan Rory MacDougall’s Jig
Dan the Cobbler
Danny Campbell’s Jig
Dara’s Earwig
Darlene MacKenzie’s Wedding
David Greenberg’s Inspiration
Disturber (The)
Dòmhnull Cléirach — see
Don Leo Rankin
Donald Angus Beaton
Donald MacIsaac’s Retirement
Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban
Donaldson MacLeod’s Reel
Donnie and Margaret Farewell
Dougall MacDonald’s Strathspey
Duchess of Hamilton, The
Duke of Athole (The)
Doug’s Jig
Duncan MacKay Strathspey, The
Dwayne Côté
East Meets West
Eddy Rodgers’+ Jig
Elizabeth’s Waltz
Elmer Briand’s Jig
Engineer’s Jig, The
Ernest and Lorna MacLeod
Ewie with the Crooked Horn
Farewell Auld Fiddler
Father Eugene Morris’
Father Hector’s Reel
Fiddle Dee Dee
Fiddler’s Favorite
Field of Bannockburn, The
Finnucane Visit, The
Flora Canning’s Waltz
Flowers of Spring, The
Garmont Smiddy
Gentleman Fiddler, The
Gerhard Heintzman Piano Reel, The
Gifted Fingers
Gillan’s Reel
Glenlivet, The
Glenn Graham’s Jig
Go to The Devil and Shake
Goddess and the Milkman, The
Gordon and Hazel’s Strathspey
Gordon MacLean’s Piano
Grace MacKenzie
Grackle, The
Grand Etang
Grandma Rose
Happy Jig, The
Highland Classic
Highland Village Day Jig
Hoch Hey Johnny Lad
Hughie Shortys Jig
Hunters Mountain
Irish Hornpipe
Jacinta’s Two Step
Jackie I Hardly Knew Ya . .
Jacqueline’s Jig
Jamie Gow – Crathie Bellman’s
Jane Wukitsch
Jason and Katherine’s Wedding
Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz –
Jerry Holland’s Birthday
Jerry’s Missing No. 203
Jessie MacKay
Jig à Jeanette
Jig of the Twentys
Jim Carroll
Joe and Margurite MacLean’s 40th
Joe Orem
Joe Peter Maclean
Joel Chiasson
John Campbell’s Reel
John Donald Cameron Reel, The
John McAllan
Johnena’s Cup of Tea
Johnny Wilmot’s Fancy
Josie MacArthur’s Jig
Joys of Wedlock, The
Julia MacKenzie
Kay Dugas
Keeper of Delight, The
Kelly Jeanne’s
Kelsey McDonell’s
Kenmore Lads
Kenneth Christie – Englishtown
Kimberly and Greg’s Reel
Kinnegad Slashers
Kinnon Beaton’s Reel
Kolten MacDonell’s Graduation
Kyle MacKay’s Jig
Lady Carmichael of Castle Craig
Lady Charlotte Murray
Lady Dorthea Stewart’s Wedding
Lake Bras D’Or
Lament for John Morris
Land of Sweet Erin — see Kinnigad Slashers
Lawrence MacDougall
Lees of Loncartie, The — see Fiddler’s Favorite
Leona Beaton
Lights Out at Glencoe
Loma Linda
Lord Banff
Lord Kelly
Lovat Scouts, The
Mabou Athletic Club, The
MacDonald Gathering, The
MacDonald’s March, The . . . . . . . played as a reel
MacIntyre Ceilidh — hornpipe played as a reel
MacKenzie Fraser
Margaree Valley Waltz
Marie Maclellan’s Jig
Martha’s Farewell
Marquis of Huntly Reel
Marquis of Huntly’s Snuff Mill
Mary and Danny’s Strathspey
Mémère’s Birthday
Memories of Angus Chisholm
Memories of Charlie MacCuspic
Memories of Donald Angus Beaton
Memories of Father Charles MacDonald
Memories of Georgie C. MacKenzie
Memories of Jack Buchanan
Memories of Johnny Wilmot
Memories of Mary Ann MacKenzie
Memories of Neil Murphy
Memories of Sarah and Dan Campbell
Michael Anthony MacLean’s Birthday
Michael Rankin’s Reel
Mick’s Jig
Mike MacDonald’s Reel
Miracle at Glencoe
Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff
Miss Graham
Miss Grant of Grant
Miss Jane Douglas
Miss Jessy Scott
Miss Muir MacKenzie
Miss Stephanie Marie MacLean
Miss Stewart – Pittyvaich
Miss Stewart of Garth
Miss Watt
Mo Nighean Dubh
Model T, The
Mongrel, The
Moon over St. Anns Bay
Mountain Ranger
Mr. Grant of Glenquaich
Mrs. Campbells Birthday
Murdoch MacDougall’s Birthday
My Aunt Denise
My Hope
My Sister Karmie
Nanny Store’s Melody
Neat Shoe, The
New House, The
Nicholson Hall
Niel Gow’s Fiddle
Nixie Legere
Norman’s Jig
Paddy Wack
Passion Flower
Paul Stewart Cranford
Peggy’s Jig
Penny Hill
Perrie Werrie, The
Peter’s Jig
Pipe Fitter’s Jig, The
Prince of Wales Jig, The
Priscilla’s Trip to Teresa
Queensville Jig
Raigmore House
Randy Wife of Greenlaw, The
Reith’s Clarinet
Remembering Marie MacLellan
Rev. Father John Rankin
Road to Kingsville (The)
Robert Lorne Fraser’s Jig
Robin’s Jig
Robert Bruce’s March — see The Braes of Dunvegan
Rubbermaid Collection, The
Running Uphill
Sadie (Carpenter) MacDonald
Salute to Willie Joe MacLellan
Sandy is My Darling
Shari MacSchwartz
Sheep Shanks
Sheldon MacNeil’s Reel
Shenacadie Reel
Shoneth’s Reel
Short Grass
Silver Star, The hornpipe played as a reel
Sir Reginald MacDonald
Smith’s Burn, The
Space Available
Sticky D
Storm Party
Strong Man O’Drum
Sydney Jig
Tara Lynn’s March to God
Ten Dollar Fiddle, The
Teresa Gallant’s
Teresa’s Hospitality
The Engineer’s Jig
There Came a Young Man
Train to Glasgow, The —
Trip to Inverness Beach, The
Tudor Jig, The
Tune for Ian and Mac, A
Turn Around
Twilight Star, The — see The Silver Star . . .
Vincent MacLean the Step Dancer . . .
Viscount Reidhaven
Walter and Nora May’s Reel
Waltzing Your Way Home
Washabuck ‘March’, The
Wedderburn House
Welcome Owen Diack
Welcome Sara Malaney
Whigs of Fife, The
Wilfred Prosper Jig, The
Winnie Chafe’s Favourite Ceilidh
Winston (Scotty) Fitzgerald
Yankee Line, The
Yester House
Yorke Street Strathspey


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