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Fiddles in Harmony

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Fiddles in Harmony

Fiddles in Harmony (book)
This is a book of “Tunes and Harmonies for fiddlers playing together”
– a delightful book of duets by Magdalena Reid and is the result of her many years working and writing arrangements for fiddle groups. The tunes arrangements are greatly influenced by the popular Swedish tradition of harmony playing as Magdalena is Swedish – though having lived in the UK for many years she is also very knowledgeable about traditional tunes from here too.

The second and third part harmonies and other accompaniment options she gives in the book offer simple accompaniment options for even the most beginner fiddler to more progressive harmonies and other techniques to make group playing fun. This is an inspiring collection for groups of friends to play or group work classes and is well presented with clear text and music.

The books includes a guide on creating harmonies which is very useful if you are interested in creating your own harmonies and something that is not often explained.


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