The Anglo Concertina Demystified



The Anglo Concertina Demystified-by Bertram Levy-Tutor book.

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The Anglo Concertina Demystified

The Anglo Concertina Demystified is a classic tutor book by Bertram Levy.

A must have tutor book.

Originally published by Andy’s Front Hall in 1985, Bertram Levy’s Anglo concertina tutor was the first to apply a structured learning approach to mastering this unusual acoustic musical instrument first invented in the 1820’s. Written with the beginner in mind it includes detailed printed lessons along with 74 audio tracks to provide the learner with comprehensive instruction for the 30-button C/G Anglo concertina. No longer out-of-print and now available here in its entirety in this special facsimile edition. The original cassettes and CD’s have been replaced with smartphone-scannable QR code links to all the original audio files.SPECIAL NOTE: Bertram uses a unique button numbering and tablature system which differs from the system used in other Anglo Concertina books published by Rollston Press. BERTRAM LEVY is a well-known teacher and performer on the Anglo concertina, oldtime 5-string banjo, and the Levitina – a special diatonic squeezebox custom made by Emmanuel Periselle. A founding member of the Hollow Rock String Band, he has also expanded the concertina repertoire to include the compositions of Klezmer, Brazilian and Argentinian musicians. He has recorded several concertina albums: “Sageflower Suite” with Frank Ferrell, “First Generation” with Peter Ostroushko, “The Bellow and the Bow” with Kirk Sutphin, and “Two Peas in a Pod” with Kirk Sutphin and Eddie Bond.

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