Minstrel Anglo Concertina

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Minstrel Anglo Concertina

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Minstrel Anglo Concertina-By Concertina Connection USA-

Probably one of the finest Anglo Concertinas available

The Minstrel anglo concertina is a stunning instrument of remarkable quality,using high grade materials to make this lovely concertina.Built and designed on the west coast of the USA, this is classic concertina making at its best.We are a great admirer of this traditional instrument. Great care is taken to make sure all these concertinas are finished to the highest standards,and the sound they produce is of an equal level.

Founded in 1993, the Concertina Connection specializes in the development and production of both hybrid and traditional concertinas, as well as restoration of vintage instruments.

 We designed and produce the popular Jackie/Jack, Rochelle and Elise entry level concertinas, the Clover, Peacock and Rose, intermediate concertinas, and are the makers of the highly regarded Wakker traditional concertinas.


The Minstrel Anglo Concertina is a 30 key C-G hybrid anglo concertina, designed and built by the
Concertina  Connection Inc..

                      The instruments measures 6 1/4 inch across the flats and is available with ebonized (black)

Specifications Minstrel model:

    • accordion reeds

    • riveted brass action

    • Delrin domed buttons

    • bushed key holes and action

    • leather 6 fold bellows

    • Concertina Bag Included
    • Free UK Mainland Delivery

The concertina was invented by Charles Wheatstone, and the earliest examples, which he called the symphonium, were made in 1829. Its huge popularity in the 19th century was diminished by the arrival of the piano accordion in the 20th. The folk revival has see the concertina back in demand, There are three quite different fingering systems in common use: Anglo, English, and Duet.
The Anglo concertina is commonly used for dance-music, particularly Morris, and Irish music. It’s also used to accompany songs, shanties etc. Each button produces a different note on the push and draw of the bellows (so there are TWO notes per button). The high notes are on the right-hand end, the low on the left. So you can play the tune with the right hand, and vamp chords with the left

5 reviews for Minstrel Anglo Concertina

  1. Rick (USA)

    I have had my Minstrel concertina 2 weeks now. Your service was excellent.
    The concertina is top quality. Excellent tone, light and quick to play,
    better than anything I have played previously. I am very satisfied with your service and product. Many thanks

    • redcow

      Thank you. Steve

  2. Alan Jackson

    Steve recommended this concertina and he was so right. The tuning is spot on the action is responsive and fast the reed tone is amazing and it looks fantastic.
    Hope to see you next year in Whitby.
    Alan Jackson

  3. Jeff Carol

    I bought myself this concertina for Christmas to replace my forever at the repairers old Lachenal.
    I was quite dubious at first. I had read all the reports and info, but could it replace my old box ?
    The answer is YES in capital letters. The action is perfect and quick, the tuning is note perfect, and it does not rattle or wheeze.
    PS My wife gave me the money for the concertina as a present.
    Happy days.

  4. Christian Kuper

    What a fantastic, beautiful instrument! As soon as you pick it up it is your friend: Extremely responsive with a beautiful sound. The only difficulty: Putting it away to stop playing; you really get addicted. Steve did not exaggerate when describing this concertina, as always a perfect remote service!

    • redcow

      Thank you


  5. Ernie

    I have played melodeon for 30 odd years and wanted to try a smaller, lighter instrument, the concertina seemed ideal.
    I have never found choosing an instrument so confusing, with so many different ideas about which of the many available would be suitable for my level of musical expertise and experience. I bought an instrument to begin with from Steve, which proved quite suitable, but upon his advice ordered a Minstrel. I have received it and have been playing it now for a month, it’s just excellent and fits the bill for my musical needs perfectly.
    I can’t emphasise how valuable and knowledgeable was Steve’s advice in making this selection. I would trust any advice he gives about musical products completely.

    • redcow

      Thank you. Steve

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