Mally's Cotswold Morris CD Volume 2


Mally’s Cotswold Morris CD Volume 2

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Mally’s Cotswold Morris CD Volume 2

Mally’s Cotswold Morris Volume 2 Cd Collection Of Morris Tunes

This companion CD contains all the tunes in the book Mally’s Cotswold Morris Book Volume 2

Track List

1. Jockie to the Fair (Brackley)

2. Jockie to the Fair (Brackley)

3. Billy Boy (Bledington)

4. Vandals of Hammerwich (Lichfield)

5. Shepherds’ Hey (Adderbury)

6. Trunkles (Bledington)

7. Beaux of London City (Adderbury)

8. Cuckoo’s Nest (Ilmington)

9. Monk’s March (Sherborne)

10. Johnny’s so Long at the Fair (Bampton)

11. Old Black Joe (Bucknell)

12. Old Woman Tossed Up (Brackley)

13. Princess Royal (Bampton)

14. Lads a Bunchum (Sherborne)

15. Wheatley Processional (Wheatley)

16. Country Gardens (Fieldtown)

17. Maid of the Mill (Ilmington)

18. Rigs O’ Marlow (Headington)

19. Glorishears (Fieldtown)

20. Double Set Back (Headington)

21. Balance the Straw (Bledington)

22. Ladies’ Pleasure (Fieldtown)

23. Rory O’More Adderbury)

24. Leapfrog (Bledington)

25. Shepherds’ Hey (Bampton)

26. Cuckoo’s Nest (Longborough)

27. Rodney (Headington)

28. The Buffoon (Adderbury)

29. Step Back (Fieldtown)

30. Flowers of Edinburgh (Bampton)

31. Lads a Bunchum (Hinton)

32. Bobbin-a-Joe (Wheatley)

33. Saturday Night (Bucknell)

34. Morning Star (Bledington)

35. The Webley jig (Bampton)

36. Lumps of Plum Pudding (Bledington)

37. Glorishears (Bampton)

38. Bonnets so Blue (Bucknell)

39. Willow Tree (Bucknell)

40. Bean Setters (Brackley)

41. Bobby and Joan (Fieldtown)

42. Milley’s Bequest (Lichfield)

43. Bonnets O’ Blue (Bucknell)

44. Princess Royal (Sherborne)

45. The Sherriff’s Ride (Lichfield)

46. Beaux of London city (Badby)

47. Morris On (Headington)

48. Jenny Lind (Bampton)

49. Getting Upstairs (Headington)

50. Old Mother Oxford (Headington)

51. Cuckoo’s Nest (Sherborne)

52. Idbury Hill (Bledington)

53. The Bower Processional (Lichfield)

54. Shepherds’ Hey (Fieldtown)

55. Bonny Green Garters (Headington)

56. Bean Setting (Headington)

57. None So Pretty (Fieldtown)

58. Room for the Cuckolds (Bucknell)

59. Bonny Green Garters (Headington)

60. The Rose (Fieldtown)

61. The Rose Tree (Bampton)

62. Blued Eyed Stranger (Headington)

63. Old Black Joe (Badby)

64. The Quaker (Bampton)

65. Shepherds’ Hey (Wheatley)

66. How d’ye do, Sir? (Headington)

67. I’ll go and Enlist for a Sailor (Sherborne)

68. The Sherborne jig (Sherborne)


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