Hammered Dulcimer 16/15 Rosewood


Hammered Dulcimer 16/15 Rosewood

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Hammered Dulcimer 16/15 Rosewood

A stunning Hammered Dulcimer 16/15 Rosewood with Birchwood top.

* 16 Courses of Strings on left bridge
* 15 Courses of strings on right bridge
* 2 strings on each course
* Dimensions: 37.5″ L x 4″ H x 18.25″ W
* Body is made from Rosewood
* Bridge is made out from Rosewood
* Colour Coded Saddles on bridge for making it easier to play.
* Opening in the back for carrying
* Soundboard made from Birchwood.
* 2x sound holes with rosewood rosettes
* 62 Steel threaded tuning pins

Comes with Dulcimer hammer, Tuning tool and Extra strings set



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