Button Accordions

Button Accordions.We have a great selection of both new and used button accordions for sale. We have our own workshop to make sure that your new instrument leaves us in tip top condition and is ready to play.

Button Accordion-Irish & Chromatic Style

You will find that Irish and Scottish musicians usually prefer the Chromatic system. On these instruments the rows are tuned only a semitone apart, so that all the sharps and flats are available.
The treble keyboard can play in any key, but you will be limited by what the bass can provide in the way of chords.
12 bass models give more scope, but many traditional players don’t use the basses at all. Models with 23 treble notes give nearly a 3 octave range in this tuning.

The most popular tuning is B/C, and it is quite simple to play in D or G on this by playing across the rows. Using the same fingering you can get the keys of E and A out of a C#/D box, or just play it in D. C/C# is becoming less popular.
A three row in B/C/C# gives you more options, and more bass notes. John Kirkpatrick uses a three row chromatic, and the B/C is standard in Irish ceilidh bands.

A melodeon or diatonic button accordion is a member of the free-reed aerophone family of musical instruments. It is a type of button accordion on which the melody-side keyboard contains one or more rows of buttons, with each row producing the notes of a single diatonic scale.
The buttons on the bass-side keyboard are most commonly arranged in pairs, with one button of a pair sounding the fundamental of a chord and the other the corresponding major triad (or, sometimes, a minor triad).

These Diatonic button accordions are popular in many countries, and used mainly for playing popular music and traditional folk music, and modern offshoots of these genres.

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