The Pocket Shantyman by Gary Coover


The Pocket Shantyman by Gary Coover

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The Pocket Shantyman by Gary Coover

The Pocket Shantyman by Gary Coover is a wonderful collection of great sea shanties and other sea songs.

The perfect pocket reference for sea shanties and other songs of the sea from the era of the great sailing ships. Over a hundred traditional songs with music, sized to conveniently fit in your coat pocket, sea bag, backpack, purse or back hip pocket.Easy to learn, these favorite songs can educate or entertain, or perhaps even accompany a working tall ship crew while they turn the capstan, haul on the bowline or splice the mainbrace.Work songs, play songs, and all around fun to sing songs – for the sailor, singer and pirate in everyone.

The Pocket Shantyman includes the complete words and music to these sea songs and shanties:

A Hundred Years Ago, A Tall Ship for Texas, A Wife in Every Port, Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy, Adieu You Pretty Nancy, Alabama John Cherokee, All For Me Grog, A-Roving, Banks of Green Willow, Banks of Newfoundland, Barrack Street, Black Ball Line, Blow the Man Down, Blow Ye Winds, Bold Benjamin-O, Bold Riley, Bonny Ship the Diamond, Boston Harbor, Bring ‘Em Down, Bully in the Alley, Cape Cod Girls, Coast of Barbary, Dark Eyed Sailor, Dockyard Gate, Donkey Riding, Drunken Sailor, The Ebenezer, Essequiba River, Fare Thee Well You Barbary Merchants, Farewell Nancy, Farewell to Nova Scotia, Farewell to Tarwathie, Fiddler’s Green, Fire Marengo, Fireship, Fish in the Sea, Five Gallon Jar, Flash Frigate, Frisco Ship, General Taylor, Glendy Burk, Golden Vanity, Good Ship Kangaroo, Goodbye Fare Thee Well, Greenland Whale Fisheries, Handsome Cabin Boy, Hanging Johnny, Haul Away for Rosie, Haul on the Bowline, Hearts of Gold, Heave Away Me Johnnies, Heave Ya Ho, Henry Martin, Hi-Ho Come Roll Me Over, Hogeye Man, Holy Ground Once More, Home Boys Home, I Will Set My Ship In Order, I’ll Go and List for Sailor, I’ll Go to Sea No More, Jim Jones, John Kanaka, Jolly Roving Tar, Keeper of the Eddystone Light, Lady Leroy, Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her, Leaving of Liverpool, Let the Bulgine Run, Lindy Lowe, Little Fishes, Liverpool Judies, London Julies, Lord Franklin, Losing of the Whale, Lowlands Away, Lowlands of Holland, Maggie May, The Mermaid (#1), The Mermaid (#2), Mingulay Boat Song, Money Down, My Johnny Was a Shoemaker, New York Girls, One More Day, Our Captain Cried All Hands, Our Good Ship Lies in Harbor, Outward & Homeward Bound, Paddy Lay Back, Paddy West, Pay Me My Money Down, Pleasant & Delightful, Poor Old Horse, Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth, Rambling Sailor, Randy Dandy O, Rant & Roar (Spanish Ladies), Reuben Ranzo, Rio Grande, Roll Alabama Roll, Roll Down, Roll the Old Chariot, Roll the Woodpile Down, Rolling Down to Old Maui, The Rosabella, Round the Bay of Mexico, Rounding the Horn, Sally Racket, Sam’s Gone Away, Santiano, Saucy Sailor, Shallow Brown, Ship in Distress, South Australia, Stately Southerner, Strike the Bell, Talcuhuano Girls, Tommy’s Gone Away, Tom’s Gone to Hilo, Turk-Duffing Song, Waitin’ for the Day, Water is Wide, Weary Cutters, Weary Whaling Grounds, When I Was a Fair Maid, Whiskey Johnny, Whup Jamboree, Wild Goose, Yarmouth Town, Ye Mariners All, Yellow Gals


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