Stagi HD46 Hayden-Duet 46 Key Concertina

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Stagi HD46 Hayden-Duet 46 Key Concertina

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Stagi HD46 Hayden-Duet 46 Key Concertina

The Hayden-duet 46 key concertina,10 extended fold bellows made of leather,Italian reeds,Mahogany ends. a beautiful concertina.
This is a truly wonderful concertina. Hand crafted in Italy, this is a great mid price Hayden Duet concertina.
Information on The Stagi HD46 Hayden-Duet 46 Key Concertina.

Our Stagi Concertina Case is the case to fit this concertina (Not Included)
Also our large Concertina Gig Bag fits this concertina (Not Included)

1/ 10 extended fold bellows, made from real leather.
2/ 46 reeds
3/ Free UK Mainland delivery
4/ 1 year parts and labour warranty
5/ Mahogany ends
Duet Concertina Information:-
Duet Systems
Probably the hardest to play, but the most versatile. Like the English, the same note plays in both directions, but like the Anglo, the treble notes are on the right hand end, and the bass notes on the left.
There are three common types of Duet, all with a different keyboard layout, MacCann, Jeffries and Crane (or Triumph), as well as the more recent Hayden system. We have secondhand duets in stock at all times, but new ones are only available to order. Two well known players are Alexander Prince (MacCann), & Tim Laycock (Crane)

At Red Cow we specialize in concertinas including English, Anglo and Duet, from new starter instruments at a few hundred pounds, to hand built concertinas at many thousands. The Morrison family have been selling musical instruments for over 40 years and have a great reputation for good quality, great prices and foremost great service.
Why Buy a concertina from Red Cow Music:

1/ We offer one of the best selections of new and used concertinas in the UK
2/ We offer an appointment system so you can come and try out our concertinas
3/ We send out your new instruments carriage free (UK Mainland)
4/ We have our own workshops for repairing your instrument if the need be.
5/ We offer a great selection of accessories and a large selection of books for anyone interested in both traditional or modern folk music.
6/ We buy and part exchange concertinas, so if you have one to sell please call us.

So please get in touch and we will try our utmost to help supply you with your new concertina on 07812064322 or email at

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 cm

8 reviews for Stagi HD46 Hayden-Duet 46 Key Concertina

  1. John Mead

    I bought this as my first concertina and I’ve had it for a few weeks now. I chose a duet because I want to play accompaniments for my songs and this type of concertina gives me the most flexibility. I haven’t played any other similar instruments but this seems to be well made, everything works as it should and it sounds really nice. I found the straps very uncomfortable at first and quite hard to adjust. They are gradually wearing in but I am still considering adding a thumb strap on the left to give me a bit more control.
    It is easy to find scales and chords on this system and you can play this concertina in quite a few keys (but you will have to hunt about for accidentals till you get really good). It’s very easy to transpose to another key.
    I’m learning the tunes I certainly can’t play them fluently but I think I’m making progress. I estimate that it will take about a year to get up to the standard I’m looking for and a lot longer to get really good – it’s a project.
    Overall I’m really glad I chose a duet concertina and I expect to get a lot of enjoyment from this instrument

  2. Trevor Wicks

    I just received my new concertina this morning. It arrived well packed and came with a nice personal note from Steve. The sound is wonderful and I am progressing well. The concertina is very well made and looks gorgeous. I am more than happy with my purchase.

  3. Geoff Daniels

    Absolutely thrilled with my new concertina. I can not fault it. Geoff


    In my opinion red cow music is a reliable supplier of musical instrument.
    My purchase experience was seamless:
    replies to my inquiries were made quickly and truthfully, and the package was delivered in time — all the way to South Korea in only 6 days after my payment.

    Now that my wish of receiving this wonderful instrument safe and sound is fulfilled, I only wish to learn how to play it soon. Many thanks to Steve.

    • redcow

      Thank you. And please enjoy your new concertina. Steve

  5. Gillian A Ingham

    Got my Stagi concertina three weeks ago. Knew nothing about concertinas Steve was so helpful and we had some great chats on phone. I had previously bought an Elise smaller concertina from Redcow but Steve allowed me to send it back when I found it didnt have enough notes for my needs (I play piano accordion and piano) My Stagi 46 is wonderful, has lovely sound and I am able to play it already although need to improve the technique with moving the bellows more smoothly. Thank you Steve for all your advice

  6. Hanna Brakes

    A beautifully made concertina. A sweet warm sound.

    Hanna Brakes

  7. Danuta

    I wish to advise that I received my concertina and books.
    I am very happy with this purchase.
    I have been learning this instrument for a few weeks.

    It was a pleasure dealing with you.
    Thank for your assistance and great service.

    Warm regards

    Danuta Mayshak (very happy customer).

  8. Oliver Rothwell

    Utterly superb in every way. High quality construction and a wonderful sound. Highly recommend.

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