Pauline Cato's Northumbrian Choice-Pauline Cato


Pauline Cato’s Northumbrian Choice-Pauline Cato

Here we have 89 tunes, with chords from the Northumbrian tradition presented by Pauline Cato, virtuoso exponent of the Northumbrian small pipes. This collection is an excellent introduction to anyone interested in this type of music and can be seen as a survival guide to Northumbrian sessions.

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Pauline Cato’s Northumbrian Choice-Pauline Cato

This book of Northumbrian tunes and the accompanying recordings reflect the beauty and variety of the region – haunting slow airs can be found alongside exciting reels and jigs. Also included are some of the oldest known Northumbrian tunes, along with some recently adopted tunes, some well-known songs and, of course, tunes with variations, an important part of the Northumbrian tradition.
Northumbrian music is currently increasing in popularity as is its own instrument, the Northumbrian pipes. This collection is an excellent introduction for anyone new to Northumbrian music and will ,of course, be of interest to those who are already enthusiasts. It can be seen as a ‘survival guide’ to the Northumbrian session… it is suitable for any instrument and includes chords for accompanists.
Pauline Cato is a virtuoso of the Northumbrian pipes and she has recorded all the tunes in the book on two albums where she is accompanied by George Welch and Andy Gregory.
The book is enhanced greatly by a series of wonderful photographs of the region taken by Pauline’s father, Danny Cato; foreword by Jim Lloyd, discography, bibliography, this package is a must for all lovers of Northumbrian music.

Pauline Cato’s Northumbrian Choice : Pauline Cato

Athole Highlanders
Barrington Hornpipe
Because He was Bonny Lad
Bellingham Boat
Biddy the Bowl Wife
Black Cock of Whickham
Blow the Wind Southerly
Bob and Joan
Bonny at Morn
Buttered Peas
Canny Newcastle
The Cliff
Come Ye Not from Newcastle?
Corn Riggs
Crooked Bawbee
Come Out of the Amrey
De’il Amang the Tailors
Derwentwater’s Farewell
My dear and only love
Durham Rangers
Flower of Northumberland
Fairly Shot of Her
Fair Maid of Whickham
Felton Lonnen
Friendly Visit
Grand Chain
Harlequin’s Jig
Harvest Home
The Hawk
Herd on the Hill
Hesleyside Reel
Wedded in My Auld Claes
Hexham Races
High Level Hornpipe
Holmes’ Fancy
Jimmy Allen
Johnny Armstrong
Keelman Ower the Land
Keelman’s Petition
Keel Row
Feet Still Geordie Hinny
Lads of Alnwick
Apprentice lads of Alnwick
Lads of North Tyne
Lamb Skinnet
Lamshaw’s Fancy
Lemonville Jig
Linhope Loup
Madame Bonaparte
Mason’s Apron
Mile to Ride
Millicent’s Favourite
Minstrel’s Fancy
Miss Thompsons Hornpipe
Morpeth Rant
My Dearie Sits Ower Late
Nae Good Luck Aboot Hoose
New High Level
Peacock Follows the Hen
Pet of the Pipers
Garfield’s Hornpipe
Proudlock’s Hornpipe
Redesdale Hornpipe
Remember Me
Roxburgh Castle
Rusty Gulley
Saddle the Pony
Saint Anne’s Reel
Salmon Tails
Sheffield Hornpipe
Sir John Fenwick’s
Small Coals Little Money
South Shore
Squire of Bensham
‘Til the Tide Comes In
Wade Hampton’s Hornpipe
Ward’s Brae
Welcome to the Town Again
Whinham’s Reel
Whinshield’s Hornpipe
Whittingham Green Lane
Wife of My Own
Winster Gallop

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