Mountain Dulcimer Knotwork Lacewood

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Mountain Dulcimer Knotwork Lacewood

Mountain Dulcimer Knotwork Lacewood

This Mountain Dulcimer range made from solid and warm tone woods. It is lightweight to allow clear sound vibration, with a production of great sound quality. Mountain Dulcimer has an hourglass shape, and with 4 Knotwork design openings over the sound board.

• Back and Sides are made from Solid Lace wood
• Soundboard is made from Solid European Spruce Wood
• Fret board/Finger Board made of Lace wood
• Best Quality Nickle Finish Gears are used
• Strings: 2-Melody, 1-Middle & 1-Bass
• Recommend tuning DAD ( Traditional ) or can be tuned according to the player.
• Includes Traveling bag,and Extra string set

Appalachian Dulcimer
Definition: Name applied to certain musical instruments of the box zither type. Includes Hammered Dulcimer and Appalachian Dulcimer.
Introduction: Descended from the Northern European zithers, the Appalachian Dulcimer developed in the Appalachian mountains of the Eastern USA, where it was used in old time music. Its popularity has spread because of its delicate sound, and the ease with which it can be played. An ideal instrument for song accompaniment.


1 review for Mountain Dulcimer Knotwork Lacewood

  1. Tanya Fletcher

    I am trilled with this dulcimer. I did’nt know about Red Cow and originally purchased from Amazon. Mistake number one !
    The one from the famous on line retailer was so out of tune it was unplayable.
    Red Cow have delivered a real musical instrument,in tune and lovely to play.
    The bag with it was excellent to.


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