Mally's Cotswold Morris CD Volume 1


Mally’s Cotswold Morris CD Volume 1

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Mally’s Cotswold Morris CD Volume 1

This companion CD contains all the tunes in the book Mally’s Cotswold Morris Volume 1

Track List

1. Black Joke (Adderbury)

2. William and Nancy (Bledington)

3. Ring O’ Bells (Lichfield)

4. The Twenty-ninth of May (Headington)

5. Hunt the Squirrel (Headington)

6. Bobbing Around (Bampton)

7. Orange in Bloom (Sherborne)

8. Banbury Bill (Bampton)

9. The Furze Field (Bampton)

10. Lads a Bunchum (Adderbury)

11. Fieldtown Processional (Fieldtown)

12. Swaggering Boney (Longborough)

13. Shooting (Brackley)

14. Young Collins (Longborough)

15. Hey Away (Bledington)

16. Over the Water to Charlie (Bledington)

17. Constant Billy (Adderbury)

18. Blue Bells of Scotland (Adderbury)

19. Maid of the Mill (Bampton)

20. Queen’s Delight (Bucknell)

21. Dearest Dicky (Fieldtown)

22. Young Collins (Bledington)

23. The Nutting Girl (Bampton)

24. Highland Mary (Bampton)

25. Laudnum Bunches (Headington)

26. The Gallant Hussar (Bledington)

27. The Captain with his Whiskers (Brackley)

28. Ladies’ Pleasure (Bledington)

29. Balance the Straw (Fieldtown)

30. Stick Dance (Upton-on-Severn)

31. Old Trunkles (Longborough)

32. Princess Royal (Adderbury)

33. Castlering (Lichfield)

34. Jockie to the Fair (Headington)

35. Black Joker (Bledington)

36. Ho d’ye Do? (Sherborne)

37. Hey Diddle Dis (Longborough)

38. Constant Billy (Headington)

39. Shave the Donkey (Bampton)

40. Highland Mary (Longborough)

41. Sweet Jenny Jones (Adderbury)

42. Old Woman Tossed Up (Fieldtown)

43. Banks of the Dee (Fieldtown)

44. Haste to the Wedding (Headington)

45. Cuckoo’s Nest (Bledington)

46. Old Tom of Oxford (Bampton)

47. Bumpus o’ Stretton (Ilmington)

48. Mrs Casey (Fieldtown)

49. Headington Morris Reel (Headington)

50. Young Collins (Sherborne)

51. The Bare-Footed Quaker (Lichfield)

52. Jogging to the Fair (Bampton)


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