Ashbury-Electro 21 Bar Autoharp

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Ashbury-Electro 21 Bar Autoharp

The Ashbury-Electro 21 Bar Autoharp is a stunning instrument,and is of the highest quality.Solid spruce top, pick-up with tone and volume controls, Tuning as follows Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, F7, C7, G7, D7, A7, E7, B7, Ab, Bb7, Cm, Gm, Dm, Am, Em.The Autoharp is associated with with American, particularly Appalachian, folk music. It is a development of the zither dating from the 1880s in Germany. The Autoharp is almost identical to a Chord Zither with the addition of a set of spring wooden bars with felt dampers which effectively fret and dampen the relevant strings for each chord. The Autoharp is currently easily the most popular instrument in the zither family,It can be played cradled on the left elbow with the left hand reaching over to press the chords while the right hand thumb is picking and fingers strumming the open area of strings. Alternatively it can be played on the lap or a table. It’s usually strummed but can also be plucked. It is commonly used for song accompaniment.

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Product Features

  • Solid spruce top, maple body
  • ABS binding and purfling
  • Gloss finish

Product Specifications

  • Body depth: 43mm
  • Body width: 309mm
  • Overll length: 598mm
  • With Pickup
  • Made in: South Korea
  • Free UK mainland Delivery

Ashbury Acoustic Instruments
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This range has been designed with the folk guitarist firmly in mind. The Lindisfarne and Rathlin models are made in a boutique factory in Vietnam, and were designed in consultation with luthier Phil Davidson. The Rathlin guitars have solid Sitka Spruce tops, with Mahogany back & sides and Rosewood binding. The Lindisfarnes are solid Cedar and Rosecherry, both attractively understated with a handmade look and feel, they are excellent value.Why are Autoharp strings so expensive? The problem with autoharp strings is that are only available expensive sets. All of the wound strings have an unwound bit at each end, so you can’t use normal strings to replace these – they have to be specially made. The unwound strings, however, can be replaced with guitar strings of the correct gauge.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 150 × 130 × 60 cm

2 reviews for Ashbury-Electro 21 Bar Autoharp

  1. JB

    A useful chat with Steve and very prompt service. An interesting instrument – easy to get started with, good sustained chords with an organ-like tone.

  2. Richard Wills

    A really well finished instrument that gives a really nice sound. I only bought it for home use but spending more for the Electro version was well worthwhile. It sounds great through my guitar amp and being able to plug in my Pandora and use it’s tuner function makes tuning a doddle. It will also allow me to plug directly into my multitrack recorder or even to play it through an effects unit for a bit of fun! Just right for the next lock down!

    • redcow

      Thank you.
      And enjoy it.


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