Appalachian Dulcimer Capo

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Appalachian Dulcimer Capo-

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Hewn from the Mountain Dulcimer Capos are made from select indigenous Maple & Walnut, and fitted with brass adjusters. They are made by hand in Crestwood, Kentucky, USA. LIFETIME WARRANTY: if anything ever goes wrong with it, just send it back to me, and I will send you a new one!

The mountain dulcimer capo allows you to be more versatile on your dulcimer and adds range and new possibilities you never new before. So order you dulcimer capo today and enjoy a new future.Why not have a look at our great range of American , British and European built dulcimers , all set up and ready to play, or check out our dulcimer bags and strings, what ever you want we have a great range of dulcimer products for you to choose.

5 reviews for Appalachian Dulcimer Capo

  1. Nev

    Fantastic capo can not fault it.Nev

  2. Jack Black

    Just Perfect. Jack

  3. Graham White

    perfect capo.

  4. Linda Eager

    Dulcimer capo
    This wooden capo fits nicely across the fretboard holding all strings firmly allowing the dulcimer player to play in different keys. Cork on the inside of the capo prevents damage to the sides of the fretboard. A nice product.

  5. Graham Paxman

    Very nice capo. Thank you.

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