The Wanton Seed (2015 edition)


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The Wanton Seed (2015 edition)
English Folk Songs from the Hammond and Gardiner Manuscripts.

The Wanton Seed.A wonderful new edition of this lovely book,full of musical passion and desire.A must have book for any English folk music lover.

First published by the English Folk Dance and Song Society as a series of four slim volumes, until the first volume, Marrow Bones, was re-published to great acclaim in 2007.

Subsequent research by Malcolm Douglas and Steve Gardham has added new information to the original volumes and The Wanton Seed has been substantially revised for this edition. Malcolm Douglas died in 2009 and it is to his memory that this volume is respectfully dedicated.

These are songs of comedy and tragedy, of love fulfilled and love denied, of war and peace, of land and sea, of the marvellous and the mundane. Songs both great and small that our ancestors took to their hearts and made part of their lives, which may very well have been lost forever.

They are presented here for new generations of singers and musicians. Some are very old, others less so. They world that made them is gone, but they speak to the human condition today just as they did a century and more ago.

Originally selected and edited by Frank Purslow
Revised by Malcolm Douglas and Steve Gardham
Introduction by Steve Gardham

And most importantly,with notes on the songs by Steve Gardham and an index of first lines

Also available as a set with Marrow Bones and Southern Harvest


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