The Box B/C Melodeon Tutor Book


The Box B/C Melodeon Tutor Book

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The Box B/C Melodeon Tutor Book

The Box B/C melodeon tutor book is a Beginner’s Guide Designed To Help The Learner Of The 2 Row B/C melodeon/Button Accordion.Contains Sections On Music Reading, Technique, And A Selection Of Tunes
A great tutor book for the B/C melodeon.

The Melodeon is very easy to learn, and tends to suit people who play by ear, as it is difficult to read music on a push-pull instrument. The fingering is very similar to the harmonica and anglo concertina on the right hand – with a different note on the push & pull of the bellows. There are bass notes and chords on the left hand.

We would always recommend you to start on a two row, D/G for English, or B/C for Irish music.

2-Row Chromatic Melodeons
Introduction: Two row chromatics have the rows tuned a semitone apart. The first key quoted is the lower. B/C is most common but we do sometimes have C/C# and C#/D. Chromatic tuning is normal in Ireland and popular as well in Scotland.

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