Stagi A48 Tenor English Concertina


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Stagi A48 Tenor English Concertina

This beautiful handmade Stagi A48 Tenor English Concertina is a stunning sounding concertina. Lovingly built in Italy,this wonderful instrument is rich in tone and great to play.
Genuine leather covered bellows,and the Mahogany wooden box shows off the great quality of this instrument.

The case to fit this concertina is the Concertina Deluxe Case (Not Included)

In the Marche, precisely in Recanati, in the small village near
Castelfidardo (Country of the Accordion) and Loreto, are still produced
Handmade Concertinas, handmade as they were many years ago before
from the Stagi family and before that from Signor Bastari.

From June 2018, all the production and marketing of the
Concertine has been exclusively entrusted to Fabbrica Concertine
srls, which carries out the “Laboratorio Artigianale” for the production of
Diatonic and chromatic concertinas

Furthermore, all products are certified with the brand: 100% Made in

All the Concertina production is still performed today
manually, maintaining the ancient artisan tradition, and making,
also for the future, the fulcrum and foundation of the activity.

The new members of Fabbrica Concertine, who took over in April 2019, have
decided to undertake this activity, primarily because supported by
valuable contribution of collaborators who work, from A to Z, the
Concertinas for 23 years, and then as lovers and convinced supporters of the
Craft Products “MADE IN ITALY” and “MADE in RECANATI”.


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