Silver Spear Hammered Dulcimer


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Silver Spear Hammered Dulcimer

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Silver Spear Hammered Dulcimer

Silver Spear Hammered Dulcimer, The Melford ,this 23 course dulcimer was hand built by Jonathan Letcher in Wales and is a master piece of instrument building.
Jon was brought up in East Anglia, which is uniquely rich in late mediaeval churches, as well as being the main stronghold of traditional dulcimer playing in Britain; so we have named our dulcimers after some of his favourite churches.

As with our harps, although the sound is always the main consideration, we believe that an instrument should also be attractive to look at, and take great care in both the design and the selection of materials. We call our ’flagship’ dulcimer, with its intricate fretwork sound-holes roses, the Melford, after the wonderful church at Long Melford in Suffolk.

The use of three fairly light gauge strings per course, and high-quality tone-woods for the soundboards, give these dulcimers an exceptionally fine and expressive sound, as well as plenty of volume. They need tuning more frequently than instruments with plywood soundboards, and although we believe this is more than offset by the fine sound and response, a version is also available with an internal steel frame, similar to those used in Hungarian cimbaloms. This gives greater tuning stability for only a small loss in sound quality, though the weight is greater.

The standard instrument has 23 triple courses, is diatonically tuned, and has a sycamore frame and tone-wood soundboard of either spruce or western red cedar. Supplied with a pair of light hammers.
This is possibly the finest hammered dulcimer available today.

This is a used hammer dulcimer but is in showroom condition. It comes complete with Dulcimer Hammers,Tuning Key, playing stand and dust cover. The instrument also includes a full one year warrranty and free UK shipping.


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