Shanties from the Seven Seas-Stan Hugill


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Shanties from the Seven Seas by Stan Hugill

Stan Hugills definitive book,Shanties from the Seven Seas,a must have for those interested in nautical songs.This book contains a huge selection of songs from the great days of sail. descriptive and highly informative this is a cherished book.

This book contains not only more than 400 sea shanties but as much of their history as Stan Hugill could collect in his extraordinary career as sailor, scholar, author, artist and inspiration to new generations of sea-music enthusiasts and performers.
A must for any sea lover.

A sea shanty, chantey, or chanty is a type of work song that was once commonly sung to accompany labour on board large merchant sailing vessels. The term shanty most accurately refers to a specific style of work song belonging to this historical repertoire. However, in recent, popular usage, the scope of its definition is sometimes expanded to admit a wider range of repertoire and characteristics, or to refer to a “maritime work song” in general.
Stan Hugill was born in Hoylake, Cheshire, England, to Henry James Hugill and Florence Mary Hugill (née Southwood). His sailing career started in 1922, and he retired to dry land in 1945. He notably served as the shantyman on the Garthpool,[1] the last British commercial sailing ship (a “Limejuice Cape Horner”), on her last voyage which ended when she was wrecked on 11 November 1929 off the Cape Verde Islands.[1]

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