Scarlatti Cajon Melodeon in C

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Scarlatti Cajon Melodeon in C Single Row-Comes complete with case.

Often referred to as the Cajon Accordion.

This lovely Scarlatti Cajon Melodeon or Cajon Accordion in C is great to play and has that wonderful Cajon sound.

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  • Product Features
  • 4 stops allowing you to change reeds
  • 4 sets of reeds, 4 stops
  • Plays in G,

Birthed at Saturday night gatherings where families and friends came to dance around a room pulsing with Cajon Melodeon-driven beats, zydeco, a music genre created by Southwest Louisiana’s Black Creoles (a group of people of mixed African, Afro-Caribbean, Native American, and European descent), offered the rural poor a way to express themselves and escape the hardships of everyday life in the South with grace, style, and artistry.
Zydeco originally evolved from Cajun, an Old World-rooted style of music brought over from Europe more than 200 years ago. Cajun is composed of syncopated, a cappella religious songs, a mix of English but mostly French lyrics, and was inspired by a wide rage of Southern musical influences. This fast tempo sound evolved in the early 20th century from an old Louisiana folk tradition called “La-La” music, which was the shared melody of the Cajun and Creole cultures.

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Dimensions 130 × 130 × 60 cm

1 review for Scarlatti Cajon Melodeon in C

  1. Jack

    Absolutly brilliant. A great Cajon sound.

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