Scarlatti 2 row D/G Melodeon

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Scarlatti 2 row D/G Melodeon

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Scarlatti 2 row D/G Melodeon,black,

21 treble keys, 8 basses, 2 voice, complete with strap. With accidentals.

Complete with Case


We have a great selection of D/G and B/C Melodeons for sale,so if you need any help please call Steve on 07812064322

The Melodeon is very easy to learn, and tends to suit people who play by ear, as it is difficult to read music on a push-pull instrument.The Scarlatti 2 row D/G Melodeon is therefore ideal for anyone wishing to take up the D/G melodeon,it has a great tone,is very well made and is quite robust.It comes complete with leather straps and a hard carrying case,and just for good measure we will send you Free of charge a comprehensive guide on how to play the melodeon. The fingering is very similar to the harmonica and anglo concertina on the right hand – with a different note on the push & pull of the bellows. There are bass notes and chords on the left hand.
Choosing your Melodeon

What tuning should I get?

Firstly you need to know what style of music you will mainly want to play, the most popular styles are given below, and each calls for a different tuning. Apart from the style you prefer, you should consider what key your friends use, so you can join in and learn from them, and the pitch of your voice. We would always recommend you to start on a two row.

1/ D/G is suited to English folk Music.
2/ B/C is the usual choice for Irish music (players use both rows in order to play mainly in D or G, but the instrument is almost chromatic). B/C and C/C# are also used in Scotland. C/C# is less popular now and C#/D also exists.
3/ In France, and most parts of North and South America G/C is preferred
4/ In Germany C/F is the standard and the Club Model is a popular variant with two and a half rows.

Whatever the key, all 2 row diatonics have the same fingering, and you don’t need to re-learn anything to play on a melodeon in a different key.

D/G is the highest pitch of the diatonics, followed by C/F, A/D, and G/C, which is lowest.

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  1. Sam Roberts

    I bought this on Steve’s advice and I am thrilled with it.The book he recommended was super and I am now playing a few tunes. Thank you again. Sam

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