Ploughboy's Glory-Edited from the Butterworth manuscripts by Michael Dawney.b


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Ploughboy’s Glory

A selection of tunes collected by the eminent folk song collector George Butterworth.

Edited from the Butterworth manuscripts by Michael Dawney.

One of England’s most distinctive composers, George Butterworth was born on 12 July 1885 in London. His involvement with English folk music and dance began post-Royal College of Music study and his close friendship and collaboration with a leading figure in this burgeoning movement, Ralph Vaughan Williams, was central to this. Butterworth became a collector, noting down more than 450 items, including songs, dance tunes, and dances. In 1906 he joined the Folk-Song Society and later became a prominent figure in the English Folk Dance Society, of which he was one of the founders in 1911, as well as a member of its dance demonstration team. He collected and arranged an album of Sussex folk songs and, in collaboration with Cecil Sharp, published several books of country and morris dances.


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