Pat Shaw Collection Book 2


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Pat Shaw Collection Book 2 Dances-Sixty-one dances and tunes composed by influential English musician and teacher Pat Shaw and presented in three volumes. Volume 3 includes a composite index. See also Pat Shaw’s tune collections. 1986 42 pages.

Freda’s Fancy, Gladys’s Galop, Halsway Sicilian, Heidenroslein, Heswall and West Kirby Jubilee, John Tallis’s Canon, Johnny’s Quadrille, Joseph’s Jig or Jovial Joe, Kennedy’s Rant, Long Live London, Margaret’s Waltz, Miss Anderson’s Allemande, Miss Avril’s Delight, Miss Bedlington’s Fancy, Miss de Jersey’s Memorial, Mr Ganniford’s Maggot, Miss Fennessy Smiles, Mr Shaw’s Apologies, Mr Shaw’s Canon, Monica’s Delight, Morecambe Bay, Muschamp’s Maggot, Nan’s Waltz, Nibs Goes West.

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