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Ozark Autoharp-2213

This 15 bar Ozark Auto Harp has a maple laminated top and back in an attractive sunburst finish. It is fitted with chrome hardware and has 36 strings that deliver a bright rounded sound.
Other great features include 15 Chord Bars, quality Chrome hardware and A lovely faded Sunburst finish.

The Ozark Autoharp features a quality Maple top and back, delivering loud tone with plenty of definition. Other great features include 36 strings, 15 chord bars and an attractive faded sunburst finish. This unique instrument has been played by celebrities such as Dolly Parton and Billy Connolly.

The Ozark Autoharp is one of our most popular instruments. The tone is bright,which is ideal for song accompaniment.


Definition: Zither with a keyboard chord making mechanism which mutes unwanted strings. Strummed or Picked.
Introduction: The Autoharp is associated with with American, particularly Appalachian, folk music.

It is a development of the zither dating from the 1880s in Germany. The Autoharp is almost identical to a Chord Zither with the addition of a set of spring wooden bars with felt dampers which effectively fret and dampen the relevant strings for each chord. The Autoharp is currently easily the most popular instrument in the zither family.

4 reviews for Ozark Autoharp

  1. Simon Kendal

    Highly recommend. The instrument arrived in tune !

  2. Graham Kemp

    Thrilled to bits with my new purchase. I would recommend.

  3. Lynn Campwell

    Excellent Autoharp. Great service as well.

  4. Hugh

    Hi Steve,

    Received Ozart Autoharp today by post.
    Only took 7 days to arrive safely in Republic of Ireland.
    Beautiful instrument with wonderful sound.
    Thank you so much.

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