Magic Fluke Firefly M80 Soprano Banjolele



Magic Fluke Firefly M80 Soprano Banjolele

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Magic Fluke Firefly M80 Soprano Banjolele.
This great American banjolele is a treat to play, with wonderful looks and a tone of some of the more expensive banjoleles this is a must.
The Magic Fluke Firefly M80 Soprano Banjolele fits our standard ukulele gig bag.
This ukulele comes with a Composite Fretboard which is superb to play and easy to maintain,and a wood neck.
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Customer Comments

Beautiful, great sounding instrument
I LOVE my Firefly! I had agonized for quite a while about adding another instrument to my uke collection. I’d been considering a resonator uke or a banjolele. The banjoleles that I saw were often heavy with a lot of bulky metal. My dad owns a Fluke uke which he loves and based on having played that many many times, I decided to just take a chance on the Firefly. I haven’t been at all sorry. This instrument is beautifully made, lightweight, easy to play, and LOUD. It really projects! For a small instrument, it has an incredible sound. My dad and I play in a folk group together and we both play ukulele and because he taught me, we both have the exact same playing style. Adding the Firefly into the mix has really helped because the sound is so different. Thank you Magic Fluke Company! Please come up with more uke hybrid instruments, like a mandolin uke or a resonator uke!


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