Lachenal Paragon English Concertina



Lachenal Paragon English Concertina

This Lachenal Paragon English Concertina has been fully renovated and serviced. Built in 1874 by Louis Lachenal in London,this is a classic concertina from a classic era of concertina building
This beautiful instrument has Brass Reeds for a wonderfully mellow tone,it comes with with a hand built case (not the original) and a full years warranty, and Free UK shipping (Excluding Highlands & Islands)

Lachenal & Co. was a British firm producing concertinas from approximately 1850–1936. The firm was founded by Louis L. Lachenal (c. 1821–1861), a Swiss emigrant to the United Kingdom, who arrived there in 1839, and by 1844 was working in support of the famous Wheatstone concertina firm before founding a supporting contract firm and by 1858, an independent firm.

Lachenal’s innovations in concertina production led his company to become one of the most prolific concertina producers of the era.


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