Lachenal 20 Button Anglo Concertina


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Lachenal 20 Button Anglo Concertina– A beautiful fully restored Lachenal 20 Button Anglo Concertina built in the 1920s.With a wonderful rich tone.This is a classic concertina,serial number 99164. This concertina has Steel reeds and comes with a hard case included.
Lachenal made about 250,000 concertinas, and since they were never cheap instruments most people held on to them, and many of them survive today. The relatively good supply of old instruments means that many players will choose a secondhand instrument rather than a new one, but it can be very difficult to spot the differences between them without experience. Hopefully this section may help a little.
First make sure which fingering system you are looking for, Anglo, English or Duet, see above for an explanation. The reeds are the next most important thing, brass is softer, and needs more tuning, while steel is longer lasting and faster to speak. Unless you have a small budget, or have a quiet singing voice, steel is probably best.

The bellows should be big enough to play smoothly, and it shouldn’t leak. 5 folds is good enough for English and Duet, 6 is better for Anglo because it needs more air. Watch out for the tuning because most concertinas were not made in concert pitch, and will need re-tuning before use. We always sell at concert pitch, unless otherwise stated.

The most basic instruments are Lachenals, with simply fret worked wooden ends, and bone keys. An Anglo of this quality will have at least 20 keys, and as many as 30. An English system one will always have 48, coloured white, black for half notes, and red for C. They generally have brass reeds, but there are some with steel, especially those with rosewood rather than mahogany ends, so check.


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