Kala KA-MTGE-C Electro-Acoustic Tenor Cutaway Ukulele


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Kala KA-MTGE-C Electro-Acoustic Tenor Cutaway Ukulele

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Kala KA-MTGE-C Electro-Acoustic Tenor Cutaway Ukulele-The Kala KA-MTGE-C Electro-Acoustic Tenor Cutaway Ukulele is a splendid looking tenor ukulele.Fully fitted pickup system makes this a great uke a must for any player.Curly Mango Electro ukulele’s are crafted with Hand-Selected Hawaiian Koa harvested on the Big Island of Hawaii. The result of this ever-expanding vision of quality, affordable ukuleles. With over 100 models currently offered, there is an instrument to fit everyone’s tastes and budget.
The Ukulele is used for traditional and popular music in Hawaii. The tuning is related to the guitar and chord shapes are the same as the top 4 of a guitar. Note that on the soprano uke the 4th string is tuned an octave above what you’d expect. This re-entrant tuning is not traditional to all sizes of ukuleles, but it is commonly used on all of them except the baritone.
The tenor uke is bigger than both soprano and concert and usually tuned to C tuning. Soprano and concert ukes are tuned GCEA (C tuning), or ADF#B (D tuning).
The ukelele or ukulele is a family of instruments from Hawaii, the most common sizes are soprano and baritone. The instrument came to Hawaii with Portuguese fishermen, and it has its ancestry in Iberian cuatro type instruments – paticularly the cavaquinho.

It got banjoed (for volume) and was used in British music hall and American Vaudeville. George Formby is the most famous English name, but Tessy O’Shea was no slouch.


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