Hardcore English Set


Hardcore English Set

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Hardcore English Set.

Hardcore English Set tune book and accompanying CD from the core of the English traditions, collecting together 300 cracking tunes from English manuscript, recorded and aural sources.

This publication offers an overview of the current understanding of English traditional dance music. It acts as a guide for further explorations in the dazzlingly rich seams of glorious music that have been brought back to life by the many painstaking research hours of publishers, researchers and musicians from all parts of England.

Within the 300 tunes there are well known favourites but also plenty of less familiar material to whet the appetite, representing the heart of the English session and dance-band scene. Thanks to the format of this publication, if you like one of the tunes, you will know where to go to find more like it.

The book features: booklists of re-published musician’s manuscripts; compilations of English Traditional musicians and their music; a map showing the spread of sources and notes on each of the tunes.

The CD features 32 of the 300 tunes featured in the tune book.

Compiled and edited by Barry Callaghan.

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