George Jones 48 Key English Concertina


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George Jones 48 Key English Concertina

This beautiful George Jones 48 Key English Concertina has been fully serviced,re-valved,re-paded and re-tuned to concert pitch.It has 6 fold bellows which are in perfect condition and are incredibly air tight and easy to work. It comes with a full years warranty and a gig bag is included.

George Jones was a noted manufacturer of Concertinas, retiring from the trade in about 1910. His instruments are becoming scarce, although it is possible that many remain in use in the Salvation Army.
This is a wonderful English concertina and plays beautifully.



The English concertina is fully chromatic and each button plays the same note on both push and pull of the bellows. The scale comes by alternating notes from each end of the instrument, which makes it easy to play fast runs. This system tends to suit players who read music as the buttons line up exactly with written music with the stave lines on the left hand and spaces on the right.

The development of the Anglo system, around 1850, has been attributed to George Jones, who is known for other advances, such as his broad steel reeds. It may well have been that he simply brought the idea back from Germany. The system combines the German push-pull note arrangement of the harmonica, with the handy size, and refined sound of the concertina, and was originally known as the Anglo-German system. This new system brought the concertina to the masses, with Lachenal and Co. producing around a quarter of a million units over the years, most of them Anglos, until the factory closed in the slump of the thirties. The German factories in Saxony also made enormous numbers of cheap anglos but not many of these were well enough made to survive.


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