Tabor Whistle Generation


Tabor Whistle Generation

Another great whistle from the England’s foremost producer of whistles.

A favourite amongst both customers and staff here at Red Cow Music, the warm mellow tone of this whistle far proceeds it’s cost. Generation have produced another beautifully crafted whistle at an unbelievably low price.

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Tabor Whistle Generation

The Tabor Whistle Generation is one of the most sought after whistles in our store. This humble instrument provides a beautiful mellow tone for a bargain price. Crafted in England

A red plastic fipple (mouthpiece), brass shaft and precise handiwork from the team at Generation result in this iconic whistle. Known for their rich tone and ability to suit myriad styles. Generation whistles are a common sight in sessions across England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and beyond.

The plastic fipple (mouthpiece) has become a favourite with players of all standards and ages. The consistent quality of sound provided by a plastic fipple far proceeds that of a whistle equipped with a wooden fipple, due to wood changing tone when wet. Resulting in even some of the most dyed in the wool traditionalists opting for these plastic fipple whistles.

An added bonus to these English made whistles is that they can all be made tunable. Click on the following link to read instructions from Generation about how you’re able to do this:

Who are Generation?

Generation whistles have been made in England since the Victorian era. Featuring a cylindrical brass tube, plain or nickel plated with a plastic fipple (mouthpiece). Tried and tested designs popular with whistle players of all standards.

Is the whistle easy to learn?

Generation- “It’s our opinion that whistle is one of the easiest instruments to learn, mainly because as you raise each finger in order, you’re going right up the major scale. This makes it very simple to “visualize” where the melody is going. There is no better choice that we know of for a child’s first instrument.
  What’s even more exciting than its playability, is the amount of expression that a simple whistle is capable of. For example, many singers play whistle because their vocal expressions can also come out when they’re playing.”