Freshman 8 String Electro Tenor Ukulele


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Freshman 8 String Electro Tenor Ukulele.
A stunning 8 string ukulele from Freshman. This great Uke has the advantage of a active pickup system which is ideal for performing or recording.


Beautiful, ethereal tone thanks to eight strings
Easy to play with smooth neck and walnut fretboard
Plug it in and play live with quality preamp system
A unique sounding ukulele with a huge range of sounds
Eight strings of excellence. With a Freshman UKASHT8 Tenor 8-String Electro Ukulele in your hands, your music will soar. With 8 strings you’ll get that beautiful, bright, ethereal tone from each note you play, so you can experiment with a wealth of new sounds. The ash body offers a rich resonance, which emboldens this ukulele’s voice and gives it a real kick.
It gets louder. Loaded with a pristine preamp system, you’ll be able to plug this beauty into an amp and take your performance to new heights. Along with a wealth of exceptional tone, this ukulele is also packed with quality features. As such, you’ll find playing it to be an absolute dream.

Amp it up !

It sounds luscious loud. With a quality preamp and pickup within, this ukulele has immense capabilities. You’ll be able to transfer all the natural, quality tone straight to an amplifier, so you can play your music to the world. It has a built-in EQ control panel, so you can shape your sound with total ease. A handy tuner also means that you’ll never have to take another tuner to gigs again. With this you’ll be able to take your eight string sound straight to the stage.We highly recommend this ukulele.
Our Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag fits this ukulele like a glove so don’t forget to add one to your order.


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