English Traditional Dancing CD


English Traditional Dancing CD

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English Traditional Dancing CD

27 dance tunes in traditional English style for dance beginners of all ages.

This CD is designed to accompany the book of the same title. The CD and book can be purchased together as a set.

The book is suitable for school teachers, community leaders and home learning families with little or no prior knowledge of English traditional social dancing.

Track Listing:

1. Circassian Circle (Uncle Bernard’s Polka) – Pesky
2. Galopede – John Kirkpatrick
3. Dorset Ring Dance (Roxburgh Castle and Gilderoy) – Malarkey
4. Three Meet – Pesky
5. Brighton Camp – Heterophony
6. Six Hand Reel (Farewell to Whiskey) – Heterophony
7. Marmhull Dance (Girl with the Blue Dress On and Astley’s Ride) – Pesky
8. Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back (Johnny Get Your Hair Cut) – John Kirkpatrick
9. Turn Off Six (Soldier’s Joy) – Vic Godrich, Helen Morris, Leigh Dyer
10. Cumberland Long Eight (Morpeth Rant & Soldier’s Joy) – Pesky
11. Norfolk Long Dance (The Perfect Cure & Captain Nemo) – Heterophony
12. Ribbon Dance – Allison Ellacott, Mollie Koeningsberger
13. Up the Sides and Down the Middle – Heterophony
14. Cornish Three Hand Reel (Cornish Quickstep) – Pesky
15. La Russe (La Russe, Come dance and Sing, Bottom of the Punchbowl, Miss
Campbell of Saddell) – Richard Smith, Christine Oxtoby, Maggie Fletcher
16. College Hornpipe (Proudlocks) – Heterophony
17. Golowan – Vic Godrich, Helen Morris, Leigh Dyer
18. Haste to the Wedding – Richard Smith, Christine Oxtoby, Maggie Fletcher
19. Wiltshire Six Hand Reel – Richard Smith, Christine Oxtoby, Maggie Fletcher
20. Three Around Three – Vic Godrich, Helen Morris, Leigh Dyer
21. Winster Galop (The Rose Tree) – Malarkey
22. Muffin Man (The Drunken Sailor) – Malarkey
23. Yorkshire Long Eight (Bonny Kate) – Pesky
24. Devon Jig (Smash the Windows & Hunting the Squirrel) – Heterophony
25. A Hunting We Will Go (Off She Goes (Humpty Dumpty)) – Malarkey
26. John Brown’s Body – Malarkey
27. Cumberland Reel (The Ton and Brown Banner) – Malarkey#


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