Community Dances CD


Community Dances CD

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Community Dances CD

A brand new re-issue for 2019 of this classic resource, with a range of tunes to country dance to, which can also be used with multiple dances.

Featuring new recordings by 422, Banter, The Diatonics, Boldwood, Oxford NAGS and Contrasaurus. The release also includes detailed notes and advice on using the CD in conjunction with the Community Dances Manual by Producer Gareth Kiddier. The tune sets include the recommended tune that is shown in the Community Dances Manual, as well as additional tunes that will work with this dance. Many of the tunes will fit many other English social folk dances, such as country and ceilidh dancing, in the Manual and elsewhere. To help with this in the track notes we have listed the tune structure, number of bars, dance rhythm (reel or hornpipe etc), and time signature.

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1 Goathland Square Eight
2 Winster Galop
3 Big Set Mixer
4 Chorus Jig
5 Nottingham Swing
6 The Ploughboy
7 Blaydon Races
8 Double Danish Quadrille
9 Stoke Golding Country Dance
10 Devil’s Dream
11 Galopede
12 Speed the Plough
13 Morpeth Rant
14 Margaret’s Waltz
15 Hull’s Victory
16 Steamboat

Disc 2

1 Soldier’s Joy
2 Corn Rigs
3 Waves of Tory
4 Bucksaw Reel
5 Norfolk Long Dance
6 The Rifleman
7 Circassian Circle
8 Dorset Triumph
9 Bridge of Athlone
10 Arkansas Traveller
11 Thady You Gander
12 Bonny Breast Knot
13 Cumberland Square Eight
14 Virgina Reel
15 Sackett’s Harbour
16 Circle Waltz
17 Dorset Four Hand Reel


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