Carreg Las Anglo 30 Button Concertina in C/G

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Carreg Las Anglo 30 Button Concertina in C/G.

Our Biggest Selling Anglo Concertina.

A charming 30 button Anglo concertina ideal for a beginner to intermediate player.

Well made and should give many years of service this instrument is well designed,has a fast action and is very easy to play. Comes complete with a padded gig bag for safe storage and transport.
The Carreg Las Anglo 30 Button Concertina in C/G is also one of our biggest sellers so it comes highly recommended.

The Anglo is commonly used for dance-music, particularly Morris, and Irish music. It’s also used to accompany songs, shanties etc. Each button produces a different note on the push and draw of the bellows (so there are TWO notes per button). The high notes are on the right-hand end, the low on the left. So you can play the tune with the right hand, and vamp chords with the left.This system gives a much punchier, dance-type sound. C/G is the standard tuning found in all the books, and is popular in Ireland where the key of D is played across the rows. Listen to Noel Hill who plays this style. Bb/F is common in older instruments and is good for brass band work. G/D is rare in old instruments, but very popular nowadays especially with Morris musicians for its useful keys, and because of the deeper tone. Well known Anglo players include William Kimber, and John Kirkpatrick.


Carreg Las Anglo 30 Button Concertina in C/G
Body: Mahogany
Buttons 30 Button Anglo Concertina
Key: C/G
Reeds: Italian made reeds





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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 70 cm

3 reviews for Carreg Las Anglo 30 Button Concertina in C/G

  1. Laura Keene

    Highly recommend. This is my first concertina or should I say my second as I had to return the first one to amazon as it was unplayable and nasty.
    This lovely instrument is easy for me to play.
    Great delivery service to, with a note inside from the owner.

  2. James Munday

    Emailed and also spoke to Steve about buying a beginners concertina.
    Was tempted to go for a more expensive model, but Steve said the Carreg Las would be fine.
    It arrived quickly and I’m very happy with it.
    Couldn’t have asked for better service, thank you Steve.

    • redcow

      Thank you. Steve

  3. Leanne C

    Contacted Steve as I didn’t know where to start for a beginner’s instrument. He was extremely helpful and recommended this one. I could hear his enthusiasm for concertinas and that sold it to me! It’s a wonderful beginner’s concertina and easy & fun to play. It arrived quickly and safely.

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