Caedmon Capers-A collection of Country Dances


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Caedmon Capers-A collection of Country Dances.

This book contains a selection of original dances and tunes, which I hope will appeal to dancers, callers and musicians alike. I claim a hand in all of the dances. Most of them are the result of my own imagination. The rest were devised during workshops I have run at various festivals and events over the last few years, and are the result of the collective imagination of all attending those workshops. Many of the dances were created between 1987 and 1990, when I was employed as Folk Artist in Residence in Gateshead, a post funded jointly by Gateshead Libraries and Arts and by Northern Arts. As far as I am aware, this was the first such post in the country. Several of the dances bear names related to Gateshead, and The Caedmon Capers was devised especially for the monthly ceilidhs which are held on the first Tuesday of every month in The Caedmon Hall, in the towns Central Library. I am very grateful to my friend Robin Dunn for his efforts with the music in this book. Many of the tunes are of his own composition. Each dance has been given a tune, though, as with most country dances, musicians should feel free to play whatever tune fits the dance. I have been meaning to publish this book for years, and am indebted to Portcullis Press and Gateshead Libraries and Arts for making it possible. My thanks also to all those who contributed to the book by attending workshops and to all the musicians who played for them. My special thanks to my friend Christine Bissell for drawing the music so beautifully, and for a lot more besides. I apologise for any unintentional plagiarism that may occur in any of the dances or tunes. I trust that the instructions make sense, and hope that both dances and music will bring a great deal of pleasure.

Caedmon Capers : Eddie Upton


Billy’s Hornpipe
The Bradstow Reel
Buttered Beans
Caedmon Capers
Chancellor’s Farewell
Dalton Square
The Demon’s Rant
Drill Hall Rant
The Farnham Frolic
Frenchman’s Folly
The Friary Jig
Gateshead Two Step
Hollin’s Jig
The Ides of August
The Magic Roundabout
The Oak Tree
Potter’s Wheel
Regency Hornpipe

Ryton Hirings
Saltwell Square Eight
Saturday Morning
The Willow Waltz
INDEX OF TUNESHornpipes /Step-Hop Reels

The Famous White Pudding Hornpipe
Farewell to the Dene
The Glen Aln
Mr. Welch’s Favourite
The Stack Of Wheat
The Swing Bridge

First Orders
Hollin’s Jig
Laura McKenzie
The Pub of the Year
Redheugh Library Jig

Saltwell Jig
Sharon Davis
She’s Potty
The Summerhill Two Step
Unnamed JigPolkas/Reels

The Broken Doll
The Brownicside Polka
Buttered Beans
The Great North Run
Potter’s Wheel
Sister Jean


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