Beginners Melodeon Tunes and Technique Book and CD


Beginners Melodeon Tunes and Technique Book and CD

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Beginners Melodeon Tunes and Technique Book and CD


Welcome to my melodeon book Beginners Melodeon Tunes and Technique Book and CD. It’s full to bursting with useful ideas, hints, tricks, tips, techniques and great tunes to improve your playing style, speed up the learning process and to give you a better understanding of the instrument. It’s been a massive project, but it’s been well worth it, I’ve learned such a lot by writing it. When I got my first instrument there wasn’t a single D/G tutor book on the market, and even now, fifty years on, you’ll be lucky to find a dozen, so acquire every book you can. If you are new to the instrument, use this book in conjunction with simpler tutors. The lessons start at rock bottom, but the degree of difficulty rises steeply. Above the music, in addition to the fingering instructions, there are icons with names you might find corny and mildly amusing. However, they are essential to describe the fingering patterns, and a useful handle to help you apply them to other tunes.
You might think this book is a bit too complicated to be called “Beginners”. Yes, that may be so, but if you want to become proficient, you must practise, and without guidance you can easily find yourself practising unsound techniques. It’s no use waiting until you’ve formed bad habits before you think you are ready to tackle these lessons. Once you’ve learned a tune thoroughly, it can be very difficult to change the way you play it, after discovering a superior fingering pattern. Presented in this book is knowledge that has slowly trickled in during half a century of study. It’s my hope and desire that it will inspire players, boost their progress, propel their playing to excellence, and spur them on to perform with far greater skill, dexterity and aplomb, than I have been able to achieve.

Instant Melodeon, Absolute Beginners and Tunes and Techniques are three melodeon tuition books designed to be used simultaneously, not in any particular sequence.


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