Baton Rouge 8 String Tenor Ukulele

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Baton Rouge V2 T8 Sun Tenor Ukulele 8-String

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Baton Rouge 8 String Tenor Ukulele.

Baton Rouge V2 T8 Sun Tenor Ukulele 8-String

The Baton Rouge 8 String Tenor Ukulele is a must for any uke players collection,with its full sound it is ideal for solo or group playing.
This eight string ukulele offers fantastic value for money and is a great option for any uke players who fancy adding something different to their collection.
The sun design is nicely finished and the Chrome, classical guitar style machine heads finish the instrument off very well.

The instrument is constructed from laminated wood and finished with mahogany. It has a slightly curved back which contributes to its loud and open sound. The fact that it is unvarnished also has an effect on the sound, giving it a softer tone than other ukuleles with a high gloss finish.
The Baton Rouge BR-V2T8 8 String Tenor offers something different to most Ukulele’s.
Because this eight string is fitted with Aquila ukulele strings,it has a wonderful bright sound.

1/Extended with low G-string, high C-string and unison E and A strings
2/Body: Mahogany
3/Neck: Nato
4/Fretboard: Rosewood
5/Scale: 43 cm
6/Nut width: 3.7 cm
8/Chrome machineheads

The Ukulele is used for traditional and popular music in Hawaii. The tuning is related to the guitar and chord shapes are the same as the top 4 of a guitar. Note that on the soprano uke the 4th string is tuned an octave above what you’d expect. This re-entrant tuning is not traditional to all sizes of ukuleles, but it is commonly used on all of them except the baritone.
Tenor Ukuleles
Introduction: The tenor uke is bigger than both soprano and concert and usually tuned to C tuning. Soprano and concert ukes are tuned GCEA (C tuning), or ADF#B (D tuning).
Now also available in an Electro version,so why not check it out here at Red Cow Music. There are limited quantities of this addition.

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5 reviews for Baton Rouge 8 String Tenor Ukulele

  1. Sandra

    Beautiful ukulele! Very fast shipping

  2. Katie

    A lush ukulele with a rich sound. Easy to tune and settled into tuning after about 5 hours of playing. Looks great too. I mastered the basic chords on my bargain 4 string soprano uke (also from Red Cow Music) but this 8 string tenor has made learning more complex chords easier – and it makes you sound a lot more like a pro! Such a warm sound and fairly loud too. Customer service during the current situation was also great and my package arrived quickly and safely.

    • redcow

      Thank you enjoy your ukulele

  3. Jack Sparrow

    A brilliant ukulele

  4. Graham Finch

    A superb ukulele

  5. Helen Cook

    A great ukulele sounds brilliant.

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